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Micropto optical sensors

Optical sensors packaged

Typical applications

Micromachined silicon pressure sensor.
Chemical sensors
  • solid state pH sensor  (ISFET chip)
  • complete device in electronic package design

Pressure sensors

Typical applications

TO39 metal can
  • VCSEL dices
  • LED chips
  • HPE high intensity spot
  • LED emitters (NIR e VIS) in plastic or metal standard package and white LED
  • LASER modules / LASER diodes

Integrated Circuits and ASIC

  • encoders devices and integrated circuits: interpolators, industrial amplifiers, line drivers ( MO7272 B ), ...
  • integrated circuits ASIC for SSI EnDat  MAZeT GmbH

Typical applications

Disks, gratings, photosensors, photodiodes, ...


MO-AFT10 (10 phototransistors in package).

MO-AFD06 (6 photodiodes in SMD package).


Services and products
  • encoders disks and reticles glass, metal and plastic
  • sputtering and metal deploy (Cu, Cr, Ag, ...) on glass, chemical etching, electroforming, high precision shapes and profiles.
  • design of plastic lenses.
  • glass optical filters
  • custom electronic packages (plastic, ceramic, metal or glass, ...) or optoelectronic packaging
  • custom and standard products on customers requires.
  • OEM products.
  • vibrations ed accelerations test and certification
  • feasability studies and new products
  • prototypes, little, medium and big series
  • Desing of encoder disks and gratings
  • Design and simulation of optical sensors, including the design
    of the physical layers needed for mask fabrication (the layout
    can be made available in standard CIF and GDS2 format).
  • MEMS and micromachining.
  • DIE positioning e wire bonding.
  • Lead Frame Taping
  • Specific microelectronic packaging
  • 3D & Stacked Die 

Typical applications

We buy semiconductors and we are seraching for silicon fab

BEWARE: some products described are developing. If you need more information don't hesitate to contact us.
Suggestions and new ideas are welcome. Pls. send us an e.mail.
To improve or correct our products and services, it's possible that Micropto changes the specific without prior advise.

Micropto S.r.l. 
Via G. Zanella, 57 
20133 Milano (Italy) 


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