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News and developing products



2019 News 

  • Again issues with wired telephone provider. 
  • New updates on social media
  • Several new products. NIR LED with glass lens, magnetic disks, encoder scale reader, ...


2017 News 

  • New telephone provider. Could be some calling problems from  the begin of April 2017. Write us an email.
  • New location
  • Electronic package actively cooled by Peltier cooler/TEC
  • High temperature electronic packaging for high power devices


2016 News

  • New telephone provider. Could be some calling problems till the begin of February 2017

  • New services offered and products

  • Photovoltaic CPV

  • Robotics 

  • US sensors electronics


2015 News

  • New page about "what we are searching for?" We need to buy ...  

  • New sensors and devices

  • New electronics design

  • New rules about "Cookies"


2014 News

  • New sensors

  • New devices

  • New Provider, it could be some malfunctions on web and email services. Sorry for the disservice.


2013 News

  • July 2013 new telephone provider. It may be some problem on the service. Sorry for the disservice.

  • Mazet GmbH products in obsolescence list.

  • New Phased Array


2012 News

  • New high performances emitters: MO-PHE04, MO-PHE07, MO-PHE09

  • New MO-PHD09, MO-PHD10 with amplifier or interpolator embedded

  • New hybrid MO-PAD5011 e MO-PAD5003 photodiodes with amplifier


2011 News

  • New amplifier for photodiodes (11 mA - 1Vpp)


2010 News

  • LASER Modules

  • ISFET Package 

  • LED lamps, white and coloured

  • Computer, terminals e devices for harsh environments ADS-Tec (stop at 11.2010)


2009 News

  • New light sensor - Luxmeter

  • New Mazet price list

  • Redundant Encoder and redundant head encoder

  • Long array for sizing, measurement, dimensional  and detection profiles

  • New fax number: +39.02.37645650. (July 8th 2009)

  • New opto-device with small dimension

  • It continues the collaboration with Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna: 





We are collaborating with Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna to assembly of MEMS device (designed by ARTS laboratory of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa and manufactored by institute IMM from Mainz) over rigid  and flexible-rigid PCB.


  • New telephone/fax numbers (may be some problems at the begin of February 2009)

  • New e.mail addresses (may be some problems at the begin of February 2009)


2008 news

  • New monolithic chips

  • New low cost LASER modules

  • New ICs MO-ET2110

  • Chip arrays whit reduced pitch


2007 news

  • Solar concentrators

  • New MO-PMT16RX

  • New phototransistors with reduced optical pitch

  • Customized and innovative sensors: Solar tracking

  • New application, automatic inspection system

  • Low cost LASER modules

  • New silicon (chips)


2006 news

  • Signals acquisition card with microcontroller

  • New monolithics

  • New chips DMT060 and DMT068

  • New Mazet sensors


2005 news

  • New standard single device: six photodiodes and three phototransistors MO-PHA06D03T and MO-PHA06D specific for brushless motor with electronics for sinusoidal output. Also with disk and grating/reticle.

  • New SMT and THT PCBs with customized electronic solution low cost

  • New venue in Milan (address changed, pls. update it)

  • New optoASICs

  • RoHS

  • New colour sensors (True Colour - DIN 5003)


2004 news

  • New VCSEL chips

  • Updated web site with code descriptions

  • Pressure sensors with new ranges both relative and absolute

  • OptoASICs MO-PAD5003 and MO-PAD5011 (compatible with OPR5003 and OPR5011)

  • CAN BUS e PROFI BUS tester (Gemac mbH)

  • Cross reference with OPR2100B

  • sensors with customized wireless module

  • New silicon monolithic photodiodes

  • New Piranha LED


2003 news

  • New encoders opto-devices in plastic packages (PFD06B,  PFD06L, ...)

  • New standard encoder reticles/gratings: MO-MCA10. 10 bits Metal

  • Low cost and small photocell with signal amplifier on board

  • MEMS: new silicon pressure sensor

  • New description of the ET7272 B line drivers (as soon as possible the ET7273 too)


2002 news

  • New ISFET + t sensor

  • LASER modules

  • interpolators (with wide gain: 20-1000)

  • Inclinometers

  • Micropto standard encoder gratings MO-VCA13. Glass

  • White LED

  • Chips array photodiodes (64 x 1 e 128 x 1) 

  • Phased Array

  • Start the page News on the web




Micropto S.r.l. 
Via G. Zanella, 57 
20133 Milano (Italy)

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