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Micropto 光学传感器 optical sensors 

  • 高性能硅光电传感器:光电二极管芯片列表 high performance Micropto silicon four inchs phototransistors wafer. silicon photosensors: photodiodes chips list
  • 高性能硅光电传感器:光电晶体管的芯片列表 high performance silicon photosensors: phototransistors chips list
  • X射线PIN二极管 X-ray  PIN diode

光学传感器包装 Optical sensors packaged

  • 光电增量编码器设备(100%测试) opto-devices for incremental encoders (100% tested)
  • 光电绝对编码器设备(100%测试) opto-devices for absolute encoders (100% tested)
  • 光电器件的线性表(100%测试) opto-devices for linear scales (100% tested)
  • RGB色彩传感器芯片和完整的包装 RGB chip colour sensor and complete packaged
  • 光电编码器装置无刷 opto-devices for brushless encoders
  • 特殊的光电传感器 special opto-sensors
  • 其他要求 others on request

Typical applications

Micromachined silicon pressure sensor.
化学传感器 Chemical sensors
  • 固态pH传感器 solid state pH sensor (ISFET chip)
  • 完整的设备在电子封装 complete device in electronic package

压力传感器 Pressure sensors

  • 芯片的压力(从01硅微传感器酒吧) chip pressure silicon microsensor (from 0 to 1 Bar)

Typical applications

TO39 metal can
发射器 Emitters
  • VCSEL切块 VCSEL dices
  • LED芯片 LED chips
  • HPE high intensity spot
  • LED emitters (NIR e VIS) in plastic or metal standard package and white LED
  • LASER modules

集成电路和ASIC(专用集成电路) Integrated Circuits and ASIC

  • 编码器器件和集成电路:插值,工业放大器,线路驱动器(ET7272乙),... encoders devices and integrated circuits: interpolators, industrial amplifiers, line drivers ( ET7272 B ), ...
  • 每一级物料供应员EnDat托马斯马泽公司的ASIC集成电路 integrated circuits ASIC per SSI EnDat  MAZeT GmbH

Typical applications

Disks, gratings, photosensors, photodiodes, ...


MO-AFT10 (10 phototransistors in package).

MO-AFD06 (6 photodiodes in SMD package).


服务和产品 Services and products
  • 编码器的磁盘和标线玻璃,金属和塑料 encoders disks & reticles glass, metal and plastic
  • 溅射和金属,包括玻璃(铜,铬,银,...),化学蚀刻,电铸,精度高,形状和配置文件。 sputtering and metal covering (Cu, Cr, Ag, ...) on glass, chemical etching, electroforming, high precision shapes and profiles.
  • 设计塑料镜片。 design of plastic lenses.
  • 玻璃光学滤波器 glass optical filters
  • 定制电子封装(塑料,陶瓷,金属,玻璃,...)或光电包装 custom electronic packages (plastic, ceramic, metal or glass, ...) or optoelectronic packaging
  • 定制和标准产品的客户需要。custom and standard products on customers requires.
  • OEM(原始设备制造)的产品。 OEM products.
  • 振动加速度版测试和认证 vibrations ed accelerations test and certification
  • 可行性研究和新产品 feasability studies and new products
  • 原型,小,中型和大型系列 prototypes, little, medium and big series
  • 德兴的磁盘和光栅编码器/标线 Desing of encoder disks and gratings/reticles
  • 设计和光学传感器的模拟,包括为掩模制作所需要的物理层设计(布局可在标准CIFGDS2格式)。 Design and simulation of optical sensors, including the design of the physical layers needed for mask fabrication (the layout can be made available in standard CIF and GDS2 format).
  • 微机电系统和微加工。 MEMS and micromachining.
  • 芯片,引线键合模位置。 DIE e wire bonding.

Typical applications


BEWARE: some products described are developing. If you need more information don't hesitate to contact us.
Suggestions and new ideas are welcome. Pls. send us an e.mail.
To improve or correct our products and services, it's possible that Micropto changes the specific without prior advise.


Micropto S.r.l. 
Via G. Zanella, 57 
20133 Milano (Italy) 


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