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Micropto S.r.l.是预测,Ideas研究,开发,生产和销售微电子,微结构和光电产品,工作在各种应用领域广泛,包括工业传感器和通信活动太多,硅光电二极管,MO-AFT13L: 13 phototransistors array.光电晶体管,发光二极管发射器都和VCSEL和激光器也都自定义镜头光学过滤器。




Micropto S.r.l.  is projecting, studying, developing, manufacturing and selling microelectronics, microstructures and optoelectronic products, working in various range of application fields, both industrial sensoris activity and communications too; silicon photodiodes, phototransistors, both LED emitters and VCSEL and LASERs too, both optical filters to custom lens.

Our first goal is giving reality to our customer ideas by a concrete and effectiveness project development and deployment
4 inchs silicon wafer, MO-AFT13 e MO-AFD06.. Customer and market cares are the best known guide to improve our efforts in increasing quality and in creating new products for new customers. This is possible for the high experience of Micropto Human Resources.

Micropto is a consulting and engineering company where micro and optoelectonics devices are studied, developed, tested and deployed. Leading new technologies and a global sourcing policy are the main pillars of the company.

Micropto main goal is to enrich opto electronics products with new electro-optical sensors, new packages and new solutions, plastic lens ad hoc, discs for photoetching encoders, new monolithic silicon detectors, ...

Let test our capabilities.

Our main address:

 Micropto S.r.l.
 Semiconductors, sensors and electronics

 Via G. Zanella, 57
 20133 Milano (Italy) 

TEL.: +393485845519
TEL.: +39.02.7601 1848
TEL.: +39.02.7631 6761
FAX: +39.02.7640 8519
Skype: Call now
E-Mail: click here

VAT: IT-12873450154


Micropto S.r.l. 
Via G. Zanella, 57 
20133 Milano (Italy) 


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