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General conditions

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Payments with credit cards







Pagina in sviluppo / Developing page


We answer mainly by emails to questions by clear e.mails or faxes. We quote by fax or email.

Purchase Order
We agree only with official P.O. by fax completed with all the information about caller (VAT, address, name, web, telephone, ...).

We test all products manufactured in Micropto, it's important to supply good devices. We change broken pieces after a brief period.

Time to delivery, payments and couriers
Time to delivery, payments and services are depicted in quotation. We charge some credits cards like Master Card, VISA and Carta SI. We agree payments by wire and PayPal. All bank references are wrote in the invoices. Usually we adopt customer's couriers.



Purchase order form for Micropto customers. 



Validity of the information on the web site or depicted in the catalogues
About the datas pubblished in web site, or in Shortforms, brochures, papers, ... we suggest to ask updated and wrote confirmation. Information may change without prior notice to improve products or could be wrong. 

Responsabilitą per impieghi biologici
I prodotti Micropto S.r.l. che non riportano esplicitamente e per iscritto lo sviluppo, lo studio e l'applicazione per impieghi biologici non sono indicati per impieghi biologici o su esseri umani. Per questo motivo Micropto S.r.l. se non rilascia documenti scritti o certificati di conformitą all'uso biologico o su esseri umani declina ogni responsabilitą.

Undisclosed agreements
Sono definiti .



Micropto S.r.l. 
Via M. Melloni, 6 
20129 Milano (Italy) 

Tel.: +39.02.76316761 
Tel.: +39.02.76011848 
Fax: +39.02.76408519 
Fax: +39.02.37645650 


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