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Micropto E.Mail

我们不同意我们的写权限没有任何垃圾邮件或新闻通讯会计实物。 谢谢您。更多一般信息,发送电子邮件至:

To have information via e-mail remember to introduce yourself or give your data.
Please if you have some attachments use to compress the files (using specific software like winzip, arj, ...) in order to maintain the best connection time and a warranted error free transmission. 
We don't agree any kind of spamming or news letter accounting without our write permission. Thanks.

For more general information, send e-mails to:

 Generic email address.  

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Micropto S.r.l. 
Via M. Melloni, 6 
20129 Milano (Italy) 

Tel.: +39.02.76316761 
Tel.: +39.02.76011848 
Fax: +39.02.76408519 
Fax: +39.02.37645650 


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